Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor

After the birth of my second baby, I almost immediately discovered I had also had a prolapse.

I was shocked. 

And devastated. 

I was a yoga teacher. I’d had straight forward pregnancies and pretty wonderful births. No one told me this was even a possibility. 

I was told not to lift anything (I had a new baby and a toddler…) to ‘do my pelvic floor exercises’ and that maybe I’d need surgery… did I mention I had a new baby and a toddler?!

I felt there must be another way. So I began researching.

The first thing I discovered was that I *wasn’t* alone. 

I found that women everywhere were getting fobbed off with outdated advice – ‘do your pelvic floor exercises!’  (‘kegals’) – as a blanket response to nearly all core and pelvic floor issues, which often made the situation worse, not better. 

I set out to find a healing programme that was more than just kegals – or surgery.  It has been a steady and sometimes frustrating journey, but one that has transformed and continues to inform my movement practice and teaching.  I hold a teaching qualification in the Restore Your Core® method, a ground breaking programme that helps those with pelvic floor or core dysfunction to rediscover functional movement and body confidence.  It is my mission to challenge taboos around pelvic floor and core injuries, and offer holistic, inclusive, movement-based preventions and healing solutions.

Many of my classes, including all pregnancy and postnatal classes, are safe, strengthening and supportive for the pelvic floor / core.

I run specialised Restore Your Core + Pelvic Floor courses and workshops throughout the year.  Please check below for upcoming dates, and please do get in touch if you have any questions. 


Restore Your Core + Pelvic Floor – 6 WEEK COURSE

This 6 week, comprehensive movement programme is designed to help any woman who has core and/or pelvic floor issues.  These could include:

✅ Incontinence

✅ Pelvic pain

✅ Diastasis recti

✅ Pelvic organ prolapse

✅ Back pain

✅ Post-natal injuries (even years after birth)

This course is for anyone who has felt helpless, frustrated, afraid to exercise and disconnected from their body, to begin to reconnect and take control of their healing.

No Kegals.

No ‘shred and burn’.


This is a whole-body approach to healing and movement, where you can learn to support, strengthen and heal your body from the inside out. Retraining your body to move the way it’s designed to, so you can live, move and even breathe better than ever before. 

More details and book upcoming courses below:

Autumn/Winter 2023 dates:

Thursdays beginning 14th September, 10-11:15am

6 week course 14th September – 19th October 2023

Mondays beginning 6th November, 6:7:15pm

 6 week course 6th November – 11th December


Core, Floor + More!

Sunday, 15th October

@ Stables Yoga Centre, York


£30 pp

Spend a morning with me exploring all things Core, Pelvic Floor …and more! 

This workshop will give you an introduction – or refresher – to some of the practices from the full 6 week Restore Your Core + Pelvic Floor course, provide you with practical ways to begin supporting, strengthening and healing core and pelvic floor injuries, as well as an opportunity for deep rest.